Tieria is the God of Knowledge in the D-Verse, and one of the original members of the Pantheon.

Physical appearance Edit

As the most reclusive of the Deities, Tieria rarely shows his true form to mortals unless they visit the Temple of Fortune somehow, though he did write a section in "Of All Creation" to describe himself.

He whose long and tightly braided hair is the dark burgundy of the finest of wines;

whose pale skin is radiant with the glow of living, breathing information;
whose golden eyes are the gleaming metal of civilization advanced beyond imagining.

As usual, the passage omits any mention of body type; in that respect Tieria is fairly typical as the Deities go, possessing a graceful but powerful build just slightly shorter than Freyja. The single braid of his hair, his most common style for reasons of practicality, falls all the way to his waist; his complexion maintains a constant pale luminosity, just as described; and his metallic golden gaze presents something of an aloof, emotionless front, which often - but not always - suits his mood or lack thereof.

Personality Edit

The God of Knowledge provides additional information concerning his personality, as "Of All Creation" continues with the following.

To those who cry for aid in the pursuit of knowledge, Tieria answers; to those who earnestly seek to learn what mysteries creation holds, he provides. He himself seeks the omniscience that the Source holds, or the nearest thing to it, and never turns aside from his path toward the ultimate understanding of all things.

The vast majority of supplicants and petitioners who believe in the Pantheon's existence direct their prayers toward Tieria, seeking knowledge for a multitude of reasons; in general, he responds in a manner appropriate for the spirit of the request, rather than the letter, with the reasoning that knowledge should be given to (or shared with) 'those who earnestly seek' for it. The accumulation of knowledge is his primary - almost sole, at times - passion, and at times it may lead him to utilize rather drastic measures in his relentless pursuit of understanding.

Manifestation Edit

Tieria almost never manifests on the physical plane, generally limiting his interaction to the use of Shards en masse to act as data collectors and transmitters; each one takes the form most appropriate for its duties. When used, however, his Avatars clothe themselves in the robes of a scholar, scientist, or other learned individual appropriate for emulation, as well as carrying some incarnation of Tieria's Rod of the Archivist.

Rod the of Archivist Edit

Although Tieria was the first to eat the Fruit of Knowledge and thus has a continuous link to the Divine Archive, he rarely goes anywhere without the Rod of the Archivist, a wooden staff carved directly from the trunk of the Tree of Knowledge. It changes shape and size along with Tieria's outfit, and can appear as a tree branch, a wooden cane, or even an ornately carved and metal-plated caster's staff, depending on the desired effect.

The touch of the Rod of the Archivist grants the same access to the Divine Archive as touching the rest of the Tree would, allowing full access to the Archive without the restrictions of using a Lesser Tree.

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