This is the loose timeline for the entire Rosewood Saga. Naturally, it's subject to change until after the entire project is finished, and that may never happen. Until then, here's your road map through the ages, such as they are.

Pre-Rosewood Edit

All Other Human History (Twenty Minutes Into the Future) Edit

  • Genius crafts Raycrisis and Illfortune in secret
  • Genius designs and breeds dragons in secret

Catastrophe Edit

  • Separation of humanity into angels and demons
  • Birth of first-generation Hybrids
  • Separation of planet into Terra, Light Kingdom, and Underworld
  • Dragons sent to sleep in the Void left behind by the separation
  • Angels and demons exiled to respective realms
  • Creation of inter-realm barriers

Picking Up Pieces Edit

  • First awakening and subsequent sealing of Raycrisis and Illfortune
  • Brotherhood of the Light formed
  • Territorial wars
  • Invi I heads to Underworld
  • Invi I returns to Terra, forms Order of the Dark Paladin

Forgetting Scars Edit

  • Invi I dies of old age at 130 years or so, last of the first-gen Hybrids
  • Invi II continues his father's work
  • Brotherhood and Order continue their cold war
  • Second-age humans continue to grow weaker in power as time passes
  • Council of Dawn first formed
  • Dragons wake in the Void and migrate to Terra, staying hidden

Cleric Arc Edit

Childhood Edit

  • Birth of Rosewood (to Lilith and Eve)
  • Rune of Ascension sealed with Seal of Destruction
  • R. earns White Cross title

Adulthood Edit

  • R. meets Master Key
  • Seal of Destruction unsealed
  • R. meets Invi III, gets Rigel
  • R. obtains Vincent's blood journal
  • R. visits Valentin and Yamiko
  • R. heads to Underworld, meets Lilith
  • R. returns to Terra, takes Illfortune from Brotherhood vault
  • Master Key disappears

Walking the Path Edit

  • R. destroys Council of Dawn's current incarnation with Melissa
  • R. takes control of Harmony the vampire
  • R. recruits Nitro, Blender et al.
  • R. forms an alliance with the dragons
  • R. explores and claims the Northern Wastes

King Arc Edit

New Genesis Edit

  • Kingdom of the Northern Wastes formed
  • Bastion, first floating island, takes flight
  • Invi III moves Dark Paladin "capital" to Vulcan, second island
  • One dragon bloodline moves to Lagoon, third island

Growing Pains Edit

  • Brotherhood of the Light aerially assaults Bastion
  • R. meteorstrikes Brotherhood capital Sanctuary
  • R. sleeps

Nemesis Arc Edit

Starting Over Edit

  • R. is awakened by Valentin II
  • R. unseals Illfortune's true form
  • R. learns basic rune-magic from Illfortune
  • R. rebuilds Bastion, repopulates
  • R. launches fourth island, christens it New Sanctuary
  • R. establishes permanent Gates to Light Kingdom and Underworld
  • Lilith and Eve reunite on New Sanctuary

Truth and Lies Edit

  • Master Key returns
  • Illfortune robs the Brotherhood vault blind
  • R. wipes out the Brotherhood with a large-scale meteor drop
  • R. searches for Raycrisis

(Interlude) Edit

The Arbiter Edit

  • R. designs amplifier bracelet and Eye of the Arbiter
  • R. crashes fake spaceship into the planet with the bracelet and Eye on board