Vanessa Randall is a character in the Tales of the Skycaptain section of the D-Verse.

Bio Edit

The tomboy of the reasonably prestigious Randall family, Vanessa was never interested in being either properly ladylike or subservient to anyone else, as her family status would have required. Armed with a keen intellect and remarkable tenacity, she amassed her own small fortune and purchased a skyfaring ship, christened it the Ebon Sapphire, crewed it with her childhood friend and a variety of roguish and unstable types, and began her freelancing mercenary business that occasionally ventures into more piratical territory. "Ness" is skilled with a sword in either hand as well as a bit of sorcery, and is highly respected and deeply adored by her crew.

Appearance Edit

The Captain stands a proud 5'8" with black hair, sapphire blue eyes, and fair skin.

History Edit

[Birthplace, circumstances of birth, family, friends, general backstory.]

Relationships Edit

The Captain's guardian deity is Tieria, God of Knowledge.

Titles, Honors, Nicknames Edit

  • Captain - upon acquisition of the Ebon Sapphire
  • "Ness" - when masquerading as a male
  • Skycaptain - bestowed by Rosewood's Avatar

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